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Bike Selling Guide

While selling your used Motorbike may sound simple enough, we have compiled some simple and practical steps to help you get the best price for your Motorbike and help the process go more smoothly.

Preparing your Motorbike for sale

The first thing to do is give your Motorbike a good, thorough clean. Get into all the nitty gritty bits (with an old tooth brush, if need be) to make your bike look nearly as good as new.

  • Black the tyres
  • Polish the chrome and paintwork
  • Touch up paint chips and scratches - the cost of getting those small dings and scratches etc fixed could well outweigh the price reduction you could end up giving a buyer in the negotiation process.
  • Ensure everything is in working order, i.e. indicators, lights, engine running smoothly and battery charged fully to ensure it starts when a potential buyer is there to inspect it.
  • If neccessary, get the bike serviced and tuned up to ensure it is running at it's best for test drives.

Get your paperwork in order

Make sure you have all books, receipts for work carried out, any warranties and registration papers together. Put them in a folder so you have everything at hand and ready to go when you close a sale.

Decide on your asking price

Determining what to ask for your bike can be a little tricky at times. The best thing to do is look on this site or your local paper and see what people are asking for Motorbikes of a similar type and age to yours and go from there. Ask a little higher than what you ideally would like as people will try to negotiate down from your asking price. Be prepared to recieve offers much less than your asking price.

Advertising your Motorbike

Ensure you have your paperwork together so you have everything ready while placing your advertisement. Put in any important information that has potential to help sell your Motorbike. Some examples are low km, 12 or 6 Months registration, recently serviced or regularly serviced and maintained, extremely reliable. Also mention anything that has been recently replaced, like the clutch, exhaust, brakes and so forth. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so take the time to take some photos of your Motorbike from different angles to upload with your advertisement.

When placing an advert on Tassie Cars our system ensures you enter everything you need to at a minimum. See our advertisement check list before you go to placed your advert to ensure you have everything you need.

Closing the Sale

Okay, so you've cleaned your Motorbike, advertised it for what?
  • Make yourself available and always be there when you have arranged for a buyer to come and see your Motorbike.
  • Expect that a buyer will want to test ride the bike, and if so, get their drivers license and a deposit. This is for your security as there is a risk that they may not come back
  • If you are serious about selling your Motorbike, you will have no objection to a buyer taking your Bike for an inspection. If you get calls in the mean time, let them know that you think you have a buyer, get their name and phone number and contact them if the sale falls through
  • Make sure you know the lowest price that you will accept for your bike and, when buyers haggle with you, keep that price in mind. You shouldn't refuse to take offers, if they make you an offer within $100 of the price you decided you should take it. You could end up paying that much in re-advertising the Motobike.
  • Once you have sold your Motorbike the best payment to accept is either cash or Bank Draft. If the buyer wants to pay by cheque, wait until the cheque has cleared before letting them take the Motorbike. If they are a genuine buyer they will understand or come back with cash.

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